Cleaners/ degreasers

Clean Machine

Regular cleaning of the bike is important for extending its life and the lifespan of the components that are used. This is especially true of commuter bikes which are exposed to a whole range of weather conditions and mountain bikes or cyclocross bikes who are often filthy after being ridden on the trails.

We have a range of cleaners from top brands Muc-Off and Motul which will help you get even the stubbornest of splatters off of your frame, ensuring it looks spotless the next time you ride even if you've been riding in muddy conditions and mudguards just couldn't help.

Grease On, Grease Off

Whilst grease is an essential part of keeping the machinery moving on your bike, making sure you clean the old grease off before re-applying is essential to avoid component wear. Grease will accumulate a lot of grime and 'road muck' over time and when it gets too much this will form a grinding paste that will rapidly wear your components.

Luckily we have a top range of degreasers from Muc-Off and Motul to ensure you remove all of the excess grease and can reapply without worry.