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Excellent Upgrade! by Alan on 10/05/2018

I bought a pair of AR24s to upgrade from Shimano RS010 wheels which were fitted as standard on my bike. What a difference! The combination of lower weight and good quality bearings makes the bike feel so much faster. I thought I'd spin the front wheel with the bike in a stand to see how long it would go for. 8 minutes later it was still rotating. Very happy with my purchase.

Happy cyclist by Joe on 09/04/2018

Needed a solid set of light wheels for John o Groats to Lands End. After buying a set of Hunt Wheels and not being able to fit the tyres, I settled on a pair of these. Quite simply, a brilliant set of wheels. Tyres go on easy (Conti GP4000s II 28c) and the wheels roll lovely. In the 2 months I've owned them, I've racked up over 1500 miles. They run true, even after hitting a pot hole hard enough to cause a pinch flat. I regularly jump curbs, navigate cattle grids, and use rough gravel tracks. They are light and the difference in ride quality is amazing. Just buy them. A hidden gem.

Great value fast, light wheelset by Luke on 08/12/2018

Had these wheels for over a year now. Roll nicely on the flat making it easy to maintain speed alongside bikes with fancier sets. Nice and light for climbing and look great.

Light and Aero but sadly flexy by Cronky on 06/05/2018

I previously owned the AR30 (non evo wheelset) on a Giant TCR bike that was sadly stolen. On the replacement bike I originally put Mavic Ksyrium Elites. I wanted something a bit lighter and more Aero so went for these. Whilst they look good and are certainly light they are quite flexy compared to the Mavics (and I think the original AR30). The rear is more flexy than the front but you can feel and hear (brake rub) both moving around under power (even with QRs done up very tight) i.e. sprinting or out of the saddle climbing.Overall still a great value wheelset but disappointed by the stiffness.

Average by Richard B on 04/01/2018

After two months of racing and training rides I'm not impressed with this wheel set. They are sluggish and not what I would have expected for the money. I'm not sure why they don't perform as well as I had hoped,weight is more than advertised, a narrow internal width and inability to go tubless doesnt help. I can't understand how people are saying they are good climbing wheels, yes they are better than standard stock wheels but they certainly aren't anything special. I turn to a less expensive set of aluminium wheels now for races or anything hilly, I basically got myself an expensive set of training wheels here.

These wheels Fly! by TonyB on 03/22/2018

Bought these wheels just after the New Year and been itching to go out on them on my Summer bike. I fitted Schwalbe Pro One tubeless as I fancied trying TL and they went on dead easy, fitted by hand, NO levers needed, inflated 1st time with a track pump without sealant and stayed up holding pressure easily. Added sealant and they went up easy like before. Rode them up some good Peak District hills and they fly. I had to hold back as the mate I was with was struggling on his Trek. Its an old saying but... Best Bang for your Buck. Great wheelset and remarkable for the price.

good but not real weight by Kasper on 03/08/2018

Great wheels. I have the non Evo and just bought the Evos. On three different scales they came in 1580g. So not the 1462gs as advertised. So if you're looking for light wheels, don't expect these to be lighter than the non evo.I think the quality is the same, which is good for its price.

Excellent Wheelset by Deano on 02/23/2018

You simply will not get better value for money...Roll well, climb well, seem plenty stiff enough... good buy.

excellent training wheels by Lukasz on 02/18/2018

If you need good, reliable and cheap training wheels don't look any further. For less then 200£ it is ridiculous how good they are. I think I've done about 10k throughout winter months in all weather condition and even raced few crits. The rear wheel was slightly off once, but I true it without problem. Still plenty of meat on breaking surface. Always jet washing them. No problem! Seriously consider buying deep section wheels from them now, as I am very impressed.

Quality front light, well built! by Ken on 02/15/2018

Great front light used mainly for winter day riding. Noticeable change in car driver behaviour from on coming traffic. The vehicles slowed before safely passing me. Would like to see the rear Vis 180 silver moon. Could be a great compliment for safer winter riding.

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