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Excellent value, quality wheelset by Trevor on 09/04/2017

These wheels have replaced some Campag Zonda 2-Way wheels, which tended to last me about 10,000 miles. I won't be going back to the Campag wheels after using these Cero AR24s. Fitting tubeless tyres is a lot easier, the seal is excellent, they are light and incredible value for money. I would highly recommend them.

Brilliant wheelset by ian121 on 08/28/2017

I've been looking to get a set of carbon mid depth wheels for nearly 2 years and read up about many of the wheels in the £800 bracket. Fulcrum, Mavic, Hunt, Shimano etc. I kept coming back to the RC45. In terms of build quality, bling and value for money they are absolutely spot on. My mates are amazed at the transformation to my bike, (Colnago CX Zero Evo) both aesthetically and to the performance and I really do notice the difference when heading north of 37 kph and on the short sharp climbs around the Midlands. I'm so glad I bought these. Yes the spoke pattern and J bend lacing is a little traditional , but saying as they'll be used on Belgian cobbles next year I wanted something robust and comfortable. The whole set up of the wheel is of excellent quality, hubs, spokes, rims; and the service from the guys at Cycle Division is as good as you'd wish for. Bottom line. Buy these and I really believe you will not be disappointed.

Super value by Paul on 08/21/2017

I bought these to replace my worn out Mavic Ksyrium SL's, I wasn't expecting such a low priced wheel set to perform so well. They feel lighter, faster and smoother than my Mavics. I have had to change the bearings once after a jet washing the bike a little aggressively. This was straight forward and easy. Overall I'd happily recommend these to anyone looking for a good upgrade without spending silly money. Out of the box I weighed them at 1439g, so lighter than the advertised weight.

Superb performance, low weght & price. by Whiskywheels on 08/03/2017

I’ve been a ‘serious’ cyclist for over 45 years, and although I no longer race I still enjoy riding high end, light weight racing bikes. I do regular 20-30 mile hilly rides locally, as well as twice yearly trips to the Alps, Pyrenees, and Mallorca amongst other places.Inevitably I’m comparing these Cero AR30 Evo wheels with others I still use regularly; a pair of Campagnolo Eurus (12 years old), and 2 sets of Shimano C24 Dura-Ace (one 6 years, the other 1 year old).Ordering online was easy, and I was pleased to find that they use a courier who will give you a one hour delivery slot for what is normally the next working day. Cycle Division should advertise this prominently! The wheels arrived in perfect condition, and give the appearance of being well made & designed, and look stunning to me. I couldn’t resist weighing them, and given the inaccuracies of most digital scales, was pleased to find that they were 1445g a pair including freehub body & rim tape but not skewers. This compares with the C24s which were 1450g. Adding the skewers to both wheelsets reversed the situation, with the C24s now 1550g and the Ceros 1555g. A meaningless difference of 5g, or 0.17oz! After all these years it’s rare for me to try any new or different equipment and get excited about it, but these wheels have proved the exception. They look better than the C24s, as good as the (old) Eurus, weigh pretty much the same as the C24s, but best of all deliver a noticeably smooth ride. They also have a quality of stability that I would normally associate with a heavier wheel, and inspired confidence, whilst providing exhilarating handling. The rim design gave noticeably better braking than the Eurus & C24s, being both powerful, firm, and progressive. Despite recent gales, I wasn’t buffeted by the wind, but I don’t think there is any significant aerodynamic benefit in 30mm deep rims such as these. I wondered if the Ceros were quite as stiff as the C24s; it could be my current lack of fitness but although the wheels were responsive I wasn’t sure acceleration was quite as good. The freehub is very noisy; if my Eurus rear wheel were this loud I’d know it was time to put more grease in the hub, but there’s no way to do this with Cero. The plus side is that when I’m approaching pedestrians weaving around along our narrow country lanes, stopping pedalling alerts them to my approach!These wheels offer a superb, smooth, bump absorbent ride, secure but exhilarating handling, and at a weight that’s much the same as the C24s. I prefer the Ceros for appearance, price, and performance, and at around £250 less than the C24s they represent a truly outstanding achievement in wheel design, production and pricing. I hope I’m still cycling in 12, and 6 years time, and can compare their longevity with my Eurus and C24 wheels!

Excellent Value & Quality by Velodan68 on 07/15/2017

I have now been running these wheels with Conti HP4000S II's for over 500km and am thoroughly impressed. They ride lovely and look great and have a nice sound from the freehub. I highly recommend them at this price. 10/10

Trusted others reviews and wasn't disappointed by Simon on 07/15/2017

After my mavic Cosmic Carbones finally died I was faced with a massive bill for same again or opt for shallow rims. A friend recommended these and I took their for for it.Really impressed with the performance. Much quicker than the Mavics and although braking in the wet is an "experience" I usually ride in the dry. Great looking wheels and make the bike look so much better.

I am so glad I bought a set of these by AndrewP on 07/06/2017

I bought a set of AR30 wheels after reading a positive review on a cycling blog. Five months later I am delighted with them. THey are well made, ultra light and roll wonderfully. I got them as a birthday gift and was considering a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites as my friends had them but I am glad I did not. THese wheels look great on my bike, I have now done 3,000 miles on then and they are perfectly true. I would definately recommend these to others and indeed one of my cycling friends has also bought a set.

Great set of Wheels by Sheraz on 05/26/2017

Before talking about the wheelset, I'd like to say that I was a little apprehensive buying from Cycle Division and the CERO wheels; mainly because I'd never heard of neither company before. The wheels were recommended by some forum members as they mentioned CERO wheels were light and good quality. Anyway, I can positively say that I'm glad I bought the wheels and Cycle Division have been top notch with responses and the before/aftersales customer service, especially Ben who has been fantastic all the way through. So anyone in a similar position to where I was a few months ago, you won't go wrong with these guys as the delivery was extremely fast with customer service to match.Right, the wheelset :-) Overall impressions are very positive. The RC45s are light; lighter than other comparable alternatives @ just under 1500g. The quality is first rate, I had some Chinese clinchers a few years ago, although they were good, the quality and weight on the RC45s is top notch; there is a premium feel about them as the finish is great.The wheels come carefully packed and included 2 x Conti Race Sport 25mm tyres (nice) plus the spare spokes and carbon brake pads.I've now done around 500 miles on the wheels; they roll extremely well and do look fantastic. I wouldn't say they are rapid off the line but they are definitely not slow too but once up to speed, you feel the difference. These wheels would make an awesome upgrade to anyone looking into deep rims or looking into a faster lightweight wheelset.2 things I've been really surprised with (both good): 1) The braking on the wheels is fantastic, much better than I expected. I've not been out in the wet so can't comment on this for dry weather and descending down from hills, the stopping power is great. 2) There is little cross wind effect when it's blowy. I say this because on my previous 50mm clinchers I experienced this quite a bit but so far on the RC45s I've not been pushed about which is very surprising - so a big tick in the box there.Final point on the summary is how they hold up on the hills . . . simple answer is they are brilliant. Although behaviour of deep rims and lighter wheelset is always different on climbs, the RC45s are keep the speed and roll extremely well when pushed. You will feel more off a difference when rolling on the flats, this is when the wheels really come alive but even on the hills, if you push them, they will hold the speed.The combination of sub 1500g weight and deep rim makes these wheels a bit of a no brainer; having searched for a few months looking for light but deep rims, the RC45s were standout when you put the price/weight and build together.All in all, fantastic wheels and I would not hesitate to purchase another set from CD if it comes to it.Highly recommended guys!

Speed and Style by surfboy on 05/19/2017

I was scepticalbut these beauties are genuinely very quick. In 3 months have now beaten all my previous strava times (and I am not getting any younger!!) - they are the elixirof youth

Fantastic value by jwr on 05/18/2017

Want to drop half a kilo in weight by ditching your nasty factory wheels without breaking the bank? Fantastic value, I'm kicking myself for not buying 2 sets so I could swap between road and gravel wheels.Maybe the price'll drop a little more to tempt me into a second set!!

Cycle Division is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 157 user reviews.