foil 15

We’ve taken two new brands on this year, Cannondale (featured in our first blog) and Scott.

Scott have a rich history in cycling have been innovators from day one, they pioneered time trail (aero handlebars) in 1989 so they know a thing or two about aerodynamics and they’ve gone on to build some or the world’s fastest road cycles.

The CR1 which is still going strong in its current entry level version and the Addict, an incredibly stiff lightweight machine that helped Mark Cavendish dominate sprint finishes in the Tour De France for three years running.

The third bike in the Scott road range is the foil, this is their aero steed and it’s built with one thing in mind, pure speed.

This bike has been our biggest seller since the showroom opened late last year and we’ve had nothing but great feedback, we always like to hear what the customer thinks but we as retailers believe we should get to know the bikes ourselves.

In December Ben (Sportivist, occasional cyclocross and road racer) from our road department had a holiday booked in Lanzarote with his Wife (road and cyclocross racer) Sarah.

They decided to spend some time riding the volcanic islands highway and byways and took the opportunity to rent out a pair of the Scott Foils.

Bens spent the last year riding a comfy full carbon sportive bike, his only experience with aero bikes was 2010 when he owned the Cervelo S1, a bike he felt although fast was overly harsh and left you beat up after too long in the chair.

With current lower back troubles and the memory of the S1 Ben wasn’t sure how his body would handle the transition to the aggressive and stiff Foil.

After 5 days, 300 miles, lots of hills and hurricane wind he realized he needn’t have worried.

The Foil was no back breaker, it felt as complaint and smooth as any bike he’d ever ridden, perhaps it was the layback on the seat post or the carbon post itself but road buzz and back pain was never an issue, the foil had no problems on some of the islands bumpier back roads and was also hardly effected by strong cross winds on the mountain tops. (A big issue on the S1)

Sarah rode a 52 foil and she fell in the love the bike, she loved the handling and said it climbed like a scolded whippet (her words exactly). On the descents the sharp handling inspired confidence and the aero frame and awe inspiring power transfer made light work of the islands long straights and drags.

Sarah managed to bag herself some Strava QOM’s while out there and so enjoyed the bike that on returning home she purchased one for herself.

The bike did everything you would want it to and more, aerodynamically and at speed it was rapid and all day rides where handled with ease.

It would be ideal for racers or sportive riders, you can get the Foil in standard-11/25 option or compact with 11/28 so each end of the market is properly covered.

If you’re a man or a woman who wants a great looking bike with high performance levels the Scott Foil could be just what you’re looking for.

The Scott Foil 15 is available from cycledivision reduced from £3999.99 to £2399.99. Call in or drop us a line if you need any more information.