Focusing on cycling from 1935 onwards, Castelli clothing has laid foundation for itself in cycling’s heritage. Born out of humble tailoring shop in Milan founded by Vittore Gianni, it wasn’t long before Armando Castelli was recruited into the staff.

It only took four years for Castelli to buy out Gianni and rebrand, that’s truly where the story begins. The company began to supply equipment for cycling legends such as: Bartali, Coppi, Van Looy, Bobet, Bartali, and Anquetil. One reason Castelli was so successful in this sense was that he himself had raced, thus lending him a true understanding of what was needed by a cyclist. This understanding and knowledge within the brand can no doubt still be seen today.

Still, it wasn’t until 1971 that Castelli, as we know it today, came into being. As Castelli’s son rose through the ranks in cycling, it became clear that he would one day take over the company that his father had begun to build. However the younger had far more ideas for innovation, a rift occurred as a result and the founding of the Castelli brand occurred.

When Eddy Merckx set the world record hour record, he sported a refined version of the Castelli body suit. This goes to show how the excellence in Castelli’s clothing has run in tandem with the excellence in the world of cycling.

A true turning point for Castelli and the world of cycling as a whole was 1977. This was the year that Castelli innovated the use of Lycra shorts in order to offer a more aerodynamic approach to cycling.

Excellence didn’t only account for materials either, Castelli has always looked to make a statement. In 1981 at the Giro, Castelli offered a selection of riders Lycra shorts in a turquoise colour way. Now this might not sound very brave but at the time regulations permitted only black Lycra to be worn. A media frenzy ensued, forcing Castelli into the limelight once again!

Most recently in 2012, Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro d’Italia whilst wearing the Body paint 3.0 speed suit, another ground breaking innovation by Castelli.

To round off, it’s best said in the words of Maurizo Castelli himself, “I would never have been able to revolutionize cycling clothing if I hadn’t raced. It’s the only way to gain a true understanding of what’s involved.”

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