Cycling is a sport where there is always more kit to buy or ways to treat yourself, but what if you don't know what the person you're buying for already has?

If you don't want to risk doubling up on kit or you want to avoid selling out and going the gift voucher option, here are five great cycling essentials which any cyclist will love to receive this Christmas:

1. Nutrition Products

You can't go wrong here, all you need to know if their likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Even then that's a stretch as most basic flavours are covered in most products. 

Things like a box of energy gels, a new mixing bottle or a nutrition 'selection box' of various gels, bars and tabs are all great gift ideas that will be unlikely to find themselves confined to the back of the kit drawer. Every cyclist needs them at some point and getting them as a gift is just as well received  as any other item.

2. Cycling Socks

We know, socks are a massive cliche but guess what - cyclists tend to go through socks really quickly. Between them getting holes in them and the washing machine eating one of each pair, socks are something that every cyclist can always do with more of. 

There are plenty of specialist cycling socks available online, if you know their taste in cycling club you can always go for a set of team issue socks or still to a safer area and get a recognised brand. Better than regular socks!

3. Bike Cleaner

Bike cleaner is something that is always needed, especially if your cyclist takes part in mountain biking or cyclocross. There are loads of gift sets from brands like Muc Off and Motul around at this time of year which will usually include bike cleaners, chain lubes and various other substances that you may not know what they do, but they will be useful. 

A great gift idea if you're really stuck and want to recognise their passion for riding, without going too far down the rabbit hole.

4. A Magazine Subscription

The gift that gives for 11 more months, there are loads of subscription plans for the various cycling publications out there whether it's for top end 'Cyclist' or 'Rouleur' or the weekly news digest 'Cycling Weekly'.

This is a great gift idea if you're stuck for an original idea and want to get something that he'll really appreciate; although it's best given if you know they follow professional cycling. Definitely best to research the publications first before buying the subscription.

5. A New Bike

Technically they don't have a new bike, so why not get them one? Any cyclist would tell you that you always need more bikes, there are never enough. 

Around this time of year, there are great deals to be had on most kinds of bike due to the Christmas sales and the release of next year's models. These two factors often combine to create some marvellous offers on machines that would please any cyclist! We have a range of Scott road bikes on sale - take a look here first!

Go on, do it for them!