You may or may not be familiar with the benefits that Boa can bring to your ride, if not then hopefully this post will illuminate some of the benefits of this product whilst still making you aware of any potential drawbacks.

Scott Cycling Shoes are a leading brand that uses and takes advantage of technology for cycling, and it can’t be denied that such an innovation has had an impact on the world of cycling to a healthy extent. Many claims it improves safety, time, comfort and efficiency, here we aim to look at the extent to which all this is true.

Starting from the ground up, it’s important to consider the development process and exactly what goes into making and optimising a Boa reel, for any purpose, not just cycling. When developing the reels, the design team at Boa conduct rigorous field testing to find the source and point of failure. This involves excessive strain and freezing temperatures. Once the point of failure is found, the team have to deem this acceptable in terms of it reaching such an extreme that couldn’t be reached in the field, or in this case, on the road.

The true purpose of Boa lacing and their reels are to provide optimal security and tension within the lace. Admittedly many people claim that whilst unlike conventional lacing you can’t tighten a specific spot, the overall security provided is much more absolute than with standard lacing. Besides, often the case is such that even if you were to tighten a specific part of your lace, it would only loosen after a short time. A Boa reel ensures that the whole lacing platform is secured and uniformly tightened, without any weak spots that could be exploited and lead to issues during your ride.

One common criticism of the Boa reel closing system is the issue with a potential broken wire or cord. Unlike with conventional laces, a new one cannot just be bought. This means that if the product is to wear out or fail, you have to be prepared to incur further cost. Nonetheless, this puts very few people off and isn’t considered a profound factor in not opting for or purchasing a pair of shoes that take advantage of the Boa system.