The Solace model is one of the most populer models of all Scott road bikes due to it's versatility and it's great value when compared to other road bikes in the same tier. 

The Scott Solace is designed to provide a comfortable ride for long distances, without sacrificing and of the handling or power transfer benefits that you will get with the Addict or the FOIL. 

Whilst the Addict and FOIL are used in the professional peloton - with teams like Orica-GreenEdge and IAM Cycling having FOILs in their armouries - the Scott Solace is a much more laid back model that is appealing to the club rider or cyclist who wants to go a little above entry level.

To make it suitable for endurance, Scott have given the Solace's frame a geometry fitting to the endurance rider to allow for many hours in the saddle with a comfortable riding position. To achieve this, they have attached the seatstays to the top tube directly instead of fixing them to the seattube, as well as forgoing the bridge between seatstays that is often used to hosue the rear brake caliper.  They have also used a unique carbon layup at the front of the machine to ensure the fork dampens the effects of the road vibration, whilst remaining rigid enough to keep the steering sharp and resist braking forces. 

To get the most out of the power transfer, the Scott Solace has a quirks in the frame design. Most notably is the oversized downtube which is designed to counter the torsional forces of a rider - such as when riding hard out of the saddle - this provides a more rigid frame structure and prevents loss of power. This also applies to the large bottom bracket area, where more rigid framework is used to stop the frame flexing as much which results in reduced power transfer. 

The Scott Solace is an excellent bike and one which cause plenty of ooo's and ahh's when you turn up to the club run on Sundays. At Cycle Division, we currently have the Scott Solace 10 2015 on offer for the incredible price of £1,999.00. Check out this Scott Solace to reserve yours before they all go!