The Cannondale Synapse allows for smoothness whilst making the most of the power you put into your pedals whilst riding. Through an intelligent frame set up and intelligent Shimano RS685 hydraulic disc brakes, this bike offers the rider a great all-round approach to the road.

Fortunately for Cannondale and anyone who is a fan of the handling that’s offered by Cannondale, the addition of disk brakes hasn’t sacrificed this as many feared it might. Also in the Cannondale Synapse Tiagra 2016 model, very little power is wasted thanks to a ‘power pyramid’ at the bottom of the bracket. As a result the side-to-side rigidity is increased meaning that optimal power is maintained from any down force on the pedals. Not only does this benefit the rider with regards to power, but this split in the frame ought to also mean greater stability on an uneven road, thus resulting in greater comfort and confidence when riding.

The new 2016 disc break model also incorporates the Synapse SAVE+ technology (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination) that fans and customers have come to expect from the Synapse over the years. Both the fork legs and rear stays are optimised and formed in order to provide the best form of compliance.

All round excellence is found with the Synapse thanks to the range of quality components that make up the collective bike. Featured on the bike are Shimano’s newly engineered RS685 mechanical shifters and hydraulic brake levers that mean the hydraulic system is more accommodating than ever.

Whether you’re riding to work or wanting to get into Ironman mode, this bike allows for both by offering comfort whilst not compromising on power thanks to a high specification that covers all aspects of your ride. It’s arguable that Cannondale took somewhat of a gamble by including discs on this model but it’s certainly a bike for the years with this addition that looks like it’s here to stay.