We all know that winter cycling can test your resolve, whether it’s commuting, chaingangs and club runs or just general riding one look out the window and it’s amazing how quickly we can come up with better things to do.

The best way to keep your motivation high and to make winter cycling as bearable and enjoyable as possible is to have the correct bike and the right clothing. At Cycledivision we have the superb RST clothing range with something for all weather conditions, starting at the legs we’d go for super value RST premium line winter tights at £34.99 these will see you through the very worst of the winter weather, these are quite possibly the best value cycling bib tights available today.

Under them you need some comfy shorts, layers are all important when the temperature drops below zero.

Our best-selling cycling shorts are the RST Premium line bib shorts these work great with our tights and when the weather improves they’re ideal as a stand-alone item.

If you’re a commuter and the bicycle is your only mode of transports then it’s essential you’re protected, visible, warm and dry. The RST Heavyweight rain jacket is all you’ll need. It’s the best commuting jacket in our range and it really is a great value cycling jacket.

Under the jacket a longs sleeved cycling jersey is ideal, the RST Premium line long sleeved jersey is ideal, it’s a versatile garment that can be used as a base layer or spring/autumn jersey when things are a bit warmer.

The RST range is comprehensive and great value, we currently have a great selection of winter bundles with huge savings. These are ideal Christmas presents for any cyclists >>>.

If you want to ensure you get out as much as possible through the winter months then you need the right clothing, RST is the way to go.