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Cero RC45 Carbon Clincher Wheelset 0045 F20/R24

Availability: In stock


Price as configured: £649.00

Price as configured: £649.00


Cero RC45

Our Cero RC45 carbon fiber bike wheels are a result of 18 months of development to improve on our award winning Cero RC50.

These RC45 road bike carbon wheels benefit from a wide 23.5mm outer rim width to improve the stiffness and intergation withe a 25mm or wider tire

The RC45 carbon bicycle wheels weigh in at 1479g (weighed on 12/07/2016) +/- 1% and use a Sapim CX-Ray spoke and nipples and our 298g Cero hub set, the overall result is uncompromising performance with lighting fast speed and stability.

Cero Wheels are striving to offer you the best wheels for your road bike experience and have received a 9/10 from leading U.K magazine Cycling Weekly

*Wheels are provided with QR, valve extenders, Carbon brake pads, rim tapes and 3 spare Sapim CX-RAY Spokes*.



We recomend a rider weight Limit of 100kg


Rim: The full carbon Cero RC45 rim features a 23.5mm wide profile which integrates well with a 25mm or wider tire, the U shape also allows for increased stability in crosswinds. The real showstopper is the improved braking performance and heat tolerance capability of the wheel thanks to some innovative technology in the rim track that helps manage and reduce the heat generated from braking.

Hub: Sharing the same superb Cero hub as the AR30 wheel which is designed to offer a superb balance of weight and performance, the 280g set are manufactured from 7075 aluminum and features high quality sealed bearings throughout with a 24 ratchet engagement on the Aluminum hub body combined with a 3 pawl and spring engagement.

Spokes:  Our Cero RC45 wheels use the Sapim CX-Ray spoke. The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray the perfect choice for our wheel. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile.

-Longer lasting than any other spokes on the market. Extremely high fatigue test results.

-The best aerodynamic spoke available.               

-Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel conforming to the Sapim quality standard specifications.


We are sure you will enjoy the performance and ride quality of our great value carbon wheels

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Cero hubs are a light weight racing hub and some consideration has to be made regarding wet weather riding and deep winter use. The seal is a contact diaphragm and requires little maintenance but if moisture gets in, it won't get out and can therefore wreck bearings quickly. It is up to the user to keep on top of that. Neglect them and they will let you down, just like any other hub or any component on a bike.

Overall the frequency of bearing or mechanism failure is directly related to hours used and the frequency of the maintenance regime.

All the wheels in our range have incredibly light hubs with press in sealed bearings, contact seals on each end of the rear hub and a diaphragm seal between hub shell and freehub body. When it comes to replacing bearings they’re as cheap or expensive as you want - depending on quality. Fitting new bearings effectively gives you a new hub. Freehub bodies are available at £35 each for Shimano. They are all 9/10/11 speed.

 There is no such thing as a maintenance-free component on a bike, sealed bearings etc do require care and attention.


Recommended maintenance before each ride:

1. Check for damage and excessive rim wear

2. Check for loose or under-tensioned spokes. Tighten where necessary or get a bike shop to do it properly

3. Make sure the wheels turn true and freely. Any resistance, check where it’s coming from

4. Change cartridge bearings if any excessive play develops.

5. Make sure all bladed spokes (typically Sapim CX-Ray) are sitting properly

6. Check skewers are clamped properly

7. Make sure tyre pressures are appropriate to the tyre/rim combination

8. Ensure brake pads are positioned and tightened correctly


Recommended maintenance after each ride:

1. If wheels are wet, wash gently with cold water

2. Oil and grime will need a gentle salt-free detergent

3. It is best to degrease a cassette and chain off the bike

4. If heavily contaminated with salty water or mud, remove tyre and rimtape and flush out rim

5. If water or contamination has entered freehub body, remove, clean & regrease

6. Clean brake track and pads or discs with a silicone-free cleaner

7. Make sure your wheels are completely dry! (Leaving bearings damp can lead to corrosion & premature bearing failure)

8. Clean around bearing seals and hub end caps

9. Re-fit wheel to bike, ensure skewers and brake pads are positioned and tightened properly

10. If you don’t feel confident about carrying out the work, speak to someone who is.

Customer Reviews

9 Item(s)

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Top Quality Wheels Review by SP#46
First set of carbon wheels and I am very happy with these beauties, they also look the part.
Good service from Ben @ Cycledivision.
Braking is fine although cant comment in wet weather.
Wheels are stiff & true, spin up really quickly and roll really well.
They also ascend fine so no problem on climbs.
Why spend 2 times the price of these for some of the bigger "named" brands... GET YOURSELF A SET NOW.... (Posted on 19/06/2016)
Carbon crackers Review by Lincoln Imp
It's taken me about 6 months to do a review as I didn't ride them enough after getting them (in the deal of the year in a flash sale £540 I think) to do a proper review. But after quite a few fair weather rides it's time.

They look fab and ride really well. They just feel fast though it's hard to be sure how much this in just in my head but they seem to spin up to speed really easily and hold their speed better. Braking is fine though I don't know about the wet as they are very much my best wheels for good weather and racing. Nice and light too which for 45mm rims is a real bonus. They are my first carbon wheels so do feel a little harsh compared to my other plusher rims (Pacenti sl23).

Do be aware that these wheels are very wide (28mm at the widest point which is not the actual brake surface) so make sure there is enough room between your chainstays. Mine only just fit. (Posted on 07/06/2016)
Cero RC45 Review by Raul
Bought mine in the black Friday sale.BARGAIN OF THE YEAR ! . Light, fast but the noisy freehub makes it trickier to be stealthy before overtaking ! . But great wheels though. (Posted on 17/04/2016)
Awesome wheel set Review by Buck Rogers
Fantastic value package and having ridden about 500 miles so far they are a great all round wheel set. Light weight and the look fab - a head turner. Buy them you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 03/04/2016)
Excellent Wheels Review by boyracer
Fantastic wheelset!
Upgraded from a pair of Campagnolo Zondas. The change in ride quality was immediately apparent, with the wider rimmed carbon providing a much more compliant and comfortable ride than the aluminum rims.

With a 28mm external width, the wheels suit a 25mm tyre perfectly, where the tyre and rim sit almost flush to minimize drag. As ever, increase in speed is always hard to quantify so I will refrain from making outlandish claims and leave that one in the hands of the testers who have access to a wind tunnel!
What I will say though is that they roll beautifully, and certainly their perceived speed on a variety of rolling terrain and hills, feels superb.

The 45mm mid-depth rim means that this is a great all-rounder, and due to their low weight, they dont suffer on the climbs like many other comparatively priced, heavier mid-depth rims would.

Dry weather braking using the supplied blocks is excellent, and every bit as good as aluminium rims.
I cant comment on wet weather braking - like many others with carbon rims), I try to use these as much as possible for dry weather riding only. (Posted on 21/03/2016)
Good! Review by Schmilligan
Awesome set of wheels!! + a set of Conty's thrown in for good measure. 10/10 from me. (Posted on 23/11/2015)
Happy! Review by Fast Eddie
This is my first "full" carbon wheel set and I'm pleasantly surprised, I've bought these as a best wheel for fast summer rides, so far I've only done 50 miles but all signs are good.
The wheels feel very light and stiff, the freehub is a bit louder than I'm used to but I can live with it.
I've heard horror stories about braking on carbon rims but these where only marginally worse than my aluminium wheels, I certainly wouldn't worry descending on these.
I've ridden deep section wheels before and these are as fast as any others but they also have a lighter feel to them.
I'm looking forward to better weather so I can really get some use out of these. (Posted on 23/11/2015)
Highly Rated Review by Foil racer JT
I bought these wheels as a replacement for my Dura Ace deep section carbons.. All I can say is wow! The new tordial shape make them so much better in cross winds and now I don't worry about running deep section wheels on windy days.. weight wise they are much lighter than my Dura Ace wheels so climbing they have made a difference as well.. Going downhill with the Cero supplied brake blocks I found stopping power progressive and more than powerful enough.. So happy and value for money and performance I rate these highly! (Posted on 23/11/2015)
fantastic wheels Review by redrat
no problem in cross winds freehub is loud but can live with it great for climbing carbon brake pads that came with wheels not the best (Posted on 23/11/2015)

9 Item(s)

per page

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