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  1. Cannondale Save Carbon Seatpost 25.4 X 350mm

    Regular Price: £99.99

    Special Price £94.99

    If youare loooking for a lightweight carbon fibre seatpost for your Cannondale CAAD10, CAAD121 or Supersix evo then the Save carbon fibre seatpost is the one for you. 

    With a 15mm setback this seatpost weighs in at 193 grams and is also Shimano DI2 compatible.

  2. £59.99

    Cannondale don't just supply high quality push bikes, but they also manufacture high quality components. The Cannondale C2 carbon seatpost is DI2 compatible and is copatible with the Cannondale CAAD10 and CAAD12 framesets.

  3. £34.99
    The CSN Carbon S.E Seatpillar has a Carbon fibre shaft alog with a light alloy polished head. Comes with built in measure scale and insert guide clamp

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Material Gains 
Seat posts are for supporting the saddle which you can adjust to make the saddle higher or lower. Much like the material of the frame affects the performance of the bike, the material the seat post is made from will affect how you feel the ride. Carbon fibre seat posts are much lighter but are also more flexible, meaning you may feel more movement through it; whereas alloy seat posts are much stiffer but also heavier.
Get Fit
A good quality seat post can really change the quality of your ride, with better quality materials better able to absorb the bumps in the road and stop them being sent straight up to the saddle. Whilst the seat post can be adjusted to make your riding position more comfortable, we recommend that you get a professional bike fitting to make sure that you are riding in the most appropriate position and that you are not likely to do yourself some damage.