Cycling Shoes

Choose The Right style
A good set of bike shoes is essential kit for any serious cyclist, whether you're a sportive expert or you want to race. There are a wide selection of brands to consider when choosing cycling shoes, not least the kind of cycling you will be doing. We have a range of mountain bike shoes that have soles with more grip and smaller cleats for tabbing round corners and clipping in easier.

Our road shoes also come in a range of designs including traditional ratchet closing and more modern BOA systems with dials. We also have a selection of old school lace up cycling shoes, mixing tradition with modern materials.

Quality Road Cycling Shoes
Our range of road cycle shoes includes popular brand Scott and has something for both the beginner who is getting into road cycling and may be using their first pair of cleats, to experienced racers who want something that is light and comfortable for intense days in the saddle. It is important that the shoes you choose fit well and are comfortable so it is important you get the size right, as ill-fitting cycling shoes can be a nightmare and can make a ride extremely uncomfortable.