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  1. Rst Elite Line Combi Light Jacket

    Regular Price: £74.99

    Special Price £43.99

    Our lightweight Cycling winter jacket is also available in our RST Elite line.

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Protection And Comfort
Jackets for cycling are designed to be comfortable to wear whilst also keeping you warm when you're riding in cold or inclement weather conditions. The conundrum many face is how to wick moisture away from your body when you're working hard, preventing you from overheating but also keeping you warm. To get around this many jackets have vents or panels in them that allow moisture to escape, usually on the flanks or under the arms, whilst still ensuring they keep the heat in to keep you warm and comfortable.
As they are normally the outer layer, most cycling jackets have the option to come in bright, fluorescent colours like our flourescent RST heavy rain jacket - which ensures you stay seen when riding in traffic. This often includes reflective elements such as reflective strips on the arms or back to make them suitable for night riding.