Trigon Bikes and Accessories

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Trigon Bikes & Accessories

Trigon bikes are industry leaders in creating carbon road frames, having been at the forefront of the technology for the past 20 years since carbon fibre was first mooted as a potential product for bikes.

We are exclusive dealers of Trigon bikes in the UK and have experts on hand to discuss our products and bike builds to suit your needs. The Trigon road frames we offer have properties that are suited to all kinds of road riding and we are able ti build a bike for you depending on your requirements.

Great Value Bikes

These frames are available at a great price point which means you can spend a little more on the finishing kit and groupset to ensure you are getting a great quality bike at a very reasonable price.

Speak to our experts if you aren't sure what you want and we will discuss how you will be riding and help you put together your perfect machine.