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Maintaining cycling components and keeping a clean bike will help prolong it's life and the life of the components.

Basic maintenance can be done by everyone with the minimal amount of effort and tools, just some basic cleaning supplies and knowhow is all you need to keep your machine in top condition.

Basic Maintenance

Keeping your bike clean is easier in Summer than Winter, but is still a few minutes that can make the difference. If the ride has been wet then wiping down the bike afterwards is a great way to get the road muck off the frame and the components and will prevent it clinging to the cycle components and damaging their functionality.

A basic chain and cassette/crank clean is another way to prolong the life of your bike and its components. By keeping all the moving parts and the parts that touch clean you are reducing the risk of grinding mud and debris into them which will make them wear much quicker.

Our range of cleaning products has everything you need for a basic clean and for maintenance jobs, as well as products for when you want to give your machine a bit extra tender loving care than you normally would.

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