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Be Seen Be Safe

Lights are essential cycling components for any commuter or rider who likes to ride either at night or in the early morning/late evening.

When riding in conditions with low visibility being seen is absolutely paramount to both your safety and the safety of other road users, see our range of lights for both the front and rear of the bike to keep you seen and safe!Bike lights come in a range of styles and power options, with super strong lights that are enough to light up the darkest country road and lights that are more to help you to be seen rather than to illuminate your way.

The lights we sell are from top brands like Lumar, giving you piece of mind that whatever product you choose to light your way will perform well.

Reflective Clothing

As well as lights it is important that you also wear appropriate refelctive and visible clothing whilst riding at night. This will help your shape be even more visble to other road users, with many flourescent bike jackets also having reflective strips and detail to help you stand out.