Guru Fit System


The Guru Bike fit system has the most real world use out of any bike fit currently on the market, there’s no human error placing of white dots or hand measuring of angles, trying to feeling around for joints and bones under the skin.

The Guru system adjusts beneath you, we can increase power resistance while you’re sat on the saddle, we can raise the saddle and bars and move them fore and aft as you pedal.

You can continue riding the bike as we raise the saddle, the feedback is immediate and the rider can feel every little adjustment and intuitively decide what feels exactly right for them.

Another huge advantage the Guru system has is the ability to tilt it up and down by 18%, you can stand up out of the saddle, put the power down and reduce cadence to the same as would be used on the road.

You can achieve a bike fit while grinding up an 18% hill, the opposite is also possible.

We can fit you descending an 18% hill with a super high cadence, we can put you on the hoods, the drops in or out of the saddle.

Every riding position, cadence and style is taken in to account and we can fit you focusing on the position that YOU prefer to ride in.

The Guru fit is a collaborative effort, we don’t tell you how to ride, we find the optimum position together.


Guru certainly have “the wow factor” with their system, when you have a fit it’s a real experience.

The big screen displays power, cadence and all relevant measurements, your body alignment is measured using a sophisticated motion capture system with the ability to read your exact height and body measurements.

Another plus is the bike finder side of Guru, you ride the bike and we adjust everything to find your optimum position, the system then automatically selects from a catalogue of over 50 brands a range of bikes that are nearest to your ideal riding position.

As a stand-alone option the bike finder is hugely valuable, you aren’t dictated to by looks. There’s no fiddling with bikes to get them to fit you, all guess work is eliminated.

Never have you been able to find the definitive bike for you, the bike finder saves you potentially thousands of pounds and years of riding the wrong bikes, with the bike finder you’ll find the perfect size and style of bike.


The Guru system is the way forward, we understand there are experienced bike fitters out there who are phenomenal, fitters who can solve problems and put you in the perfect position, the Guru system is much more than this, it’s a fit system, a bike finder system, a dynamic testing tool.

Guru is the quickest and most effective way to set you on the right track to achieve all of your cycling goals.


See our website or call us on 01773 864454 to book an appointment.

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