These multi-tools are perfect for cyclists who may need to make running repairs to their machine when on the road or trail, especially if there is a problem and you're out in the countryside with nobody around to help.

Multi-tools like these are designed with cycling in mind and most have a basic range of hex keys included, which will fit most bike components to allow you to adjust them. Some of the higher range ones include tools like chain breakers and even an incorporated CO2 pump to give you one less thing to carry.

Tools of the Trade

No cyclists wants to have to fix their bike at the roadside, it's usually a pain and it involves you getting your hands dirty when you should be enjoying the ride. These multi-tools though will allow you to quickly and easily perform basic service jobs on the bike to get you moving again, even if it is just to get back home so you can fix the issue properly.

Our multi-tools come in a range of styles and designs from top brands including Cannondale and Syncros, so you can be confident of their quality.