Front / Rear Derailleurs

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Shifting Easily
The front derailleur is one of the most important moving cycling components on the bike, allowing for crucial gear changes to be seamlessly performed. The derailleur at the front attached to the frame and moves the chain between the chainrings on the cranks. Is needs to be kept clean to keep shifting smooth, a rusty or grimy derailleur can often be the cause of the chain jumping or dropping whilst shifting? The rear derailleur, much like the front derailleur, is probably the most important moving cycling component on the entire machine. Whilst the front derailleur changes gear between the chainrings, the rear derailleur has a much more precise job. It has to move the chain between the gears on the cassette, often meaning a change of less than 1cm every shift. Because of the precise nature of the rear derailleur, keeping it in clean working order is paramount to keeping your shifting clean. A dirty derailleur can cause the chain to drop or gears to skip whilst you are shifting, affecting the ride and your performance.
Easily Adjusted
Rear and front derailleurs are easily adjustable which allows you to make changes to the index to make shifting cleaner. Our range of derailleurs features products from top manufacturers SRAM and Shimano, from their ranges of popular groupsets such as SRAM Red and Shimano Ultegra.