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  1. Syncros Essentials Roadie Kit

    Regular Price: £52.99

    Special Price £34.99

    All the essentials every road cyclist needs for when out on the bike. the Syncros Essentials kit consists of a bottlecage, minitool, pump, saddlebag and tyre levers. All in one convenient package.

  2. £30.99

    At Cycle Division we now stock high quality Syncros components. These include the floor pumps. The FP3.0 is affordable and reliable. With a dual head making this pump is able to pump up to 80PSI on any Schraeder or Presta valve.

    Avaliable in 2 different colours.

  3. £29.99

    Syncros lightweight bartape is perfect for your roadbike at any time of year. Lightweight and grippy in wet weather as well as the dry. So can be used from winter training to your long rides in the middle of summer. Available in 4 different colours. The wet PU finish makes this handlebar tape easy to maintain and keep clean after every ride.

  4. £25.99

    Syncros super thick bartape is the perfect handlebar tape for anyone on a roadbike that ride longer distances and also want additional padding for extra comfort. Available in 4 different colours and also has a PU finish. This means that this handlebar tape is easy to clean and is harder wearing for all year round use.

  5. Syncros matchbox 12 Multitool

    Regular Price: £21.99

    Special Price £19.99

    Syncros components are to the highest quality. This includes the Syncros matchbox 12 multitool. This sleak and compact multitool has 12 functions in order to keep your bike maintained whilst out on the road.

  6. £16.99


    The Syncros Mini-Pump Boundary 2.0HV is a high volume pump which is designed primarily for mountain bikes however thanks to the interchangeable valve end enabling presta and schrader compatibility, this pump will also work on road bikes. This pump is supplied with a mount.

  7. £16.99

    The Syncros Mini-Pump Boundary 2.0HP is a high pressure pump which is lightweight and compact. Ideal for any road cyclist. This is also schrader compatible with Schrader valves as the head is interchangeable.

  8. £14.99

    Syncros 250 waterproof saddle bag is perfect for both road cycling and mountain biking. This fits under the saddle and is securely fastened around the seatpost. This also has a waterproof zip.

  9. £14.49

    Syncros Handlebar Gel Pad Set

    4 pads provided with each Gel pad set.

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