We now have the range of 2016 Cannondale road bikes at Cycle Division, including the 2016 Synapse and Caad8.

The 2016 Caad8 Cannondale road bikes have kept much of their specifications from the 2015 version, which won plenty of accliam for it's performance on the road. The Caad8 features innovative ideas from Cannondale such as their asymetrical chainstays which load the drivetrain side with more weight whilst shaving it off the non-drive side. This allows for more lateral stiffness and makes it a great bike for dropping your mates on the club run. Cannondale have also included their externally machined headtube which saves a significant amount of weight by removing excess material from the low stress points of the tube, allowing it to be one of the lightest bikes at this price point.

The 2016 Caad8 also features Cannondale's heads up technology although in a slightly more relaxed way than other out and out racing bikes like the Caad12 or Caad10 frame. The 2016 Caad8 has a slightly higher head set which makes it a bit more suitable to riders who may not be as into their racing but still want to keep that competitive edge. 

Cannondale have kept the Shimano 105 groupset on many of their models including the Caad8 and Caad12 105, although they have persisted with FSA's cranksets for them. The 2016 Caad8 has upgraded from the FSA Velo to the FSA Gossamer although this is one of the only distinguishing features when comparing it to the 2015 Caad8.

The 2016 Synapse Cannondale road bikes have also kept very similar features to their 2015 versions and continue to be one of the most versatile road bikes available on the market. 

The Synapse range is arguably Cannondale's greatest success, with an endurance frame that is equally at home on the race track and on those long sportives. For the 2016 Synapse range Cannondale have added more options, starting at just £599 for the Claris 8 and going up to £5,999 for the full carbon, disc brake-equipped bells and whistles version.

The 2016 Synapse has many models that feature Cannondale's patented BB30 bottom bracket system, which gives the bike extra stability and has led to Cannondale having the best reputation for stiffness on the market. Many models in the 2016 Synapse range also include disc brakes, although the Synapse frame is so versatile that they make an ideal blank canvas to build your own bike with. 

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