January training is notoriously tough. Not necessarily because of the effort itself, but the circumstances surrounding the need to train. 

There's the January blues, residual hangovers from Christmas and New Year, the extra few pounds you've put on due to all the festive food; and to top it all off the horrendous Winter weather which can all combine to make going out on the bike seem like a chore rather than a joy.

January training is about getting in the 'base miles' - ie riding yourself back into some semblance of form before beginning a more structured training plan in February that is specific to your season goals. 

Here are our five three Januaruy training tips to help you make the most of the bluest month of the year.

1. Small Structure

Whilst January is about building your fitness back up by getting loads of miles in your legs, it can also be worthwhile to add some more intense efforts every few days. Try an HIIT session on the turbo trainer, or do some sprint intervals out on the road to help introduce your body back to those efforts. 

2. Pastures New

Repeating the same old training loop day in day out can be tedious and harm your motivation over the long term. Try mixing it up with newer routes and different rides to add some variety to your training. This has the added benefit of adjusting the terrain to make it varied with each ride, ensuring you put out different efforts regularly.

3. Save The Goods

If you have gotten cycling gear for Christmas this can be a great motivator to get you out on the bike in January. use it as an opportunityh to try out the new gear or kit and enjoy the experience of using something new. 

For added benefits don't use all your new kit at once. Try a new piece of kit every few days and really make it last, or rotate the new kit to make the most of the novelty throughout the whole month.