If you look around you’ll see an abundance of sweet hoops out there.The big players produce wheels covering all price points but there’s no doubt you have to shell out some serious sausage to obtain a race worthy set of spinners.Looking at the deep rimmed carbon options your talking £700 upwards for anything with a good reputation and that’s serious moolah.We set out to build a bodacious set of wheels, wheels that are light and aero, strong and eye catching.We also had a budget to stick to, we wanted wheels that would be from our point of view “Bunse” (Bunsen burner = nice little earner).

We started off by searching out production facilities that churned out top quality goods, after multiple test wheels were built up using different hubs, rims, bearings and spokes we settled on 5 wicked prototype test wheels. These wheels which on paper slayed the opposition needed to be put through their paces in all weather conditions to make sure they had the chops to back up their bragging.The wheels were handed out to my colleagues Vicious and Delicious AKA Dan and Gareth.These two young hotdogs know a thing or two about suffering and sacrifice, Delicious is a former national champ and he can still ride like a scolded whippet if needs be.

Vicious is a one man power plant, 59kg of twisted steel and sex appeal and he goes through wheels like a large mouse in a cheese factory. These guys hammered the wheels along the wide open lawless plains of Nottinghamshire, up north through the bandit county of Lincolnshire. They pushed on in to the wild Derbyshire Dales and through to some of Yorkshires most challenging climbs.Only two sets of wheels passed all the tests, they remained true and span with ease after 8 weeks in all weather conditions. These two lone survivors were then passed on to our junior team and management, these guys spent months giving it what for and both sets of wheels remained intact.

We had to decide on the final production model, with a cup of giddy up in one hand and Mili Vanilli’s 3rd best song “girl you know it’s true” pumping out from the 3D super woofer we decided on the beast that eventually became simply known as Hoobenrooser, after much deliberation we realized this name was ridiculous and wouldn’t fly in the real world and we reluctantly settled on the still awesome AR30. The AR30 has spent a couple of years now as the weapon for our race teams and staff members, the reviews in Cycle Weekly said 10 on 10. We were matched up against Dura ace, Zipp and Mavic and we came up trumps.If you want the sweetest of hoops that don’t break the bank… Fast rollin cruise missiles then give us a call. The AR30 needs you now.

They’re currently used by Tour of Britain winners, riders who’ve beaten Lance Armstrong, Laurent Fignon and Bradley Wiggins and they’re highly regarded by the UK’s biggest cycling publication. For £350 we believe they simply cannot be beaten!…