Electronic gears are becoming more and more common as the technology that was top of the line last year begins to filter down to the regular rider. 

But what does electronic shifting give you in comparison to regular mechanical shifting? We've compiled a list of the top five reasons to move to an electronic groupset - such as the Shimano Di2.

1. Better Efficiency

Electronic gears use internal cables and electric signals that delivers a precise movement every time. Whether you're mashing up a steep hill and want to change to a smaller gear or if you're in a flat out sprint with your club riders. Gone are the days of skipping gears and fiddling with the indexing after cable wear - once electronic shifting is installed it's there for good.

2. Less Wear and Tear

Although you will still need to maintain and replace the cassette and chain/chainrings every now and then, there is a lot less to worry about in terms of cable damage and wear. The batteries in a system like Di2 last for ages - one charge a month for a regular rider is more than enough - and will rarely need replacing over a system's lifetime.

3. Virtually No Weight Penalty

The technology is so good that most electronic systems will only add around 50g to the bike - and that's including the battery which is the heaviest part. If you are concerned about that 50g and the miniscule effects it might have, consider the added benefit a better efficiency is giving you, which more than offsets 50g!

4. Easy to Make the Change

Most modern bikes are ready to take a switch to electronic shifting with only a small parts exchange. Namely new derailleurs and replacing the cables with wiring. Older bikes may have to go through more to make the change to electronic gears which may make it easier - and less costly - to buy a new bike. If you have an older bike but want to move to Di2, view our range of Di2 bikes.

5. Bragging Rights

Lets face it, turning up on your regular ride with the club or your riding pals with a new groupset is always exciting. Imagine if you were the first one to upgrade to Di2, the admiring looks alone would be worth the cost of upgrading. The smooth, flawless shifting would allow you to leave the others in the dust as they struggle with their mechanical shifting on the climbs and as you breeze past them on the flats.