Over the last few years our Cero AR30 wheels have taken the cycling world by storm; undercutting and out-performing competing bike wheels in almost every way.

It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. A pair of Cero AR30 wheels with 30mm rims weighs under 1400 grams, but doesn’t come with the price tag that you’d normally associate with wheels this light. The incredible lightness of this wheelset has not come at the expensive of stiffness and this makes Cero wheels ideal for racing and climbing.

Combined with a superior braking surface in all weather conditions, which can bring you to a comfortable stop after the even the steepest of decent, Cero AR30 wheels are great all-rounders. If you run a set of carbon wheels during the summer, considering picking up a set of AR30 wheels for your winter training rides.

Outside of the world of racing and sportives, superlight alloy clincher wheels are much better at dealing with potholes than carbon fibre wheels. They’re also much more comfortable and, given the state of many of the roads around the UK, this makes them a great choice for long distance commuters and touring cyclists.

We’re not the only ones to love our Cero wheels. The Cero AR30 wheelset received a 10/10 score on Cycling Weekly, who were impressed by their “lively, sporty, communicative feel with just enough give to take the sting out of rough roads”. Our customers love them too, so we can be confident in calling these the best road bike wheels you can get for the money.

Cero wheels are unique to Cycle Division. Visit our Cero AR30 superlight alloy clincher product page to find out more.