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  1. £46.99
    Swissstop Race Pro Black Prince Brake Pads Carbon Campag Brake Pads for Cero RC50 and RC35 Wheels
  2. £46.99
    SwissStop Flash Pro Black Prince Brake Pads Carbon Shimano Brake Pads for Cero RC50 and RC35 Wheels
  3. £33.99
    Pair of genuine Shimano replacement pads Alloy and Steel back plate using Ice-Technologies heat radiation cooling fins with resin braking compound
  4. £29.99

    The Shimano SM-RT70 Ice Tech disc rotor gives excellent performance using the Shimano Centre-Lock system. This provides providing rigidiy and and stronger braking and it's easy to set up too! 

    The layered steel, alloy, steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to cool down quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50 deg C. When used with Ice Tech pads surface temperatures can drop from around 400 to 300 deg C, this provides great improvements in performance when applying your brakes.

  5. £19.99

    The Shimano SM-RT64 Deore Centre Lock disc rotor is compatible with disc wheels which use the Centre lock system, a popular choice for mountain bikes and a lot of road bikes which use disc brakes. This disc rotor is provided with a lock ring to secure the rotor to your wheel.

  6. £9.99

    These Aztec Road bike brake pads compatible with Shimano or Sram brakes and are for Aluminium rimmed wheels.

    A full set of pads with bolts.

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Suit All Styles
We have a range of brake sets available to suit all styles of riding, from mountain bike to road bike brakes. You can pre-order our disc brakes for road bikes today to get ahead of the club when our new products are released. Disc brakes on road bikes are a decisive subject, with many people still not convinced of their effectiveness, but that hasn't stopped top manufacturers introducing them as flagship cycling components on some of their top models.
Old Braking System? No Problem!
We also have choices of cantilever and V brakes for mountain bikes from top brands like Shimano so you can replace or upgrade your braking system with confidence that you will be getting a quality product.