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  1. £60.00
    The RST Team Bibtights have an anatomical cut and foot loops to ensure a better fit whilst riding. The mesh construction on the bib allows for enhanced breathability, perfect for cooler cycling conditions.

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Bib Tights For Cycling
Tights are an important part of any cyclist's wardrobe, especially one who rides in wintry or cold conditions and wants to do so without the hassle of leg warmers.
The tights often have loops at the bottom which go underneath the sole of the foot to ensure they stay in place, with many products also having a zip up the calf to help provide a snug fit, also allowing them to be put on much easier than pulling them up around your ears.

Roubauix Tights For Warmth
Many products come with a Roubaix lining in them to make them extra warm and comfortable. This fleecy lining will ensure your legs stay warm in the coldest of climates whilst still keeping a high performance. There are also cycling tights available without this for a much lighter product more suitable to spring riding to keep the chill out of your legs in the morning until the day warms up.

Another option for spring or autumn riding is to wear leg warmers underneath some regular bib shorts to help - see our range of leg warmers online.