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  1. Cero RC50 Carbon Clincher wheelset

    The Cero RC50 carbon clincher wheelset is a fully aerodynamic wheelset which has been adapted from the previous models of the UK brand and are now lighter than ever! These 50mm carbon wheels weigh in at approximately 1399g resulting in these road wheels to not only be aero and suited for the flat constant speed. But are more than capable of holding their own when the gradient goes up.


  2. Cero RC50 Disc Carbon Clincher Wheelset

    The Cero RC50-D has been built purely with speed and performance in mind, designed and tested by professional and ex professional riders from the very first prototype all the way through to our final product, it’s the lightest, fastest and most aerodynamic carbon Disc wheelset we’ve ever produced. 

    Inspired by the gains we made with the RC50 rim brake wheelset we’ve added the RC50-D to the range to suit those looking for the advantages that disc brakes bring to their bikes. Without the need for a reinforced braking surface a lighter weight rim can be used furthering your gains when the road goes uphill.  

    Weight - 1471g (+/-3%)

  3. Cero RC35 Carbon Clincher wheelset

    The Cero RC35 has been built for the climbs where every gram saved matters and speed and performance can’t be neglected, designed and tested by professional and ex professional riders from the very first prototype all the way through to our final product. 

    Weight - 1293g (+/-3%)

  4. Cero AR30 Evo Wheelset

    The all new AR30 Evo is here, the culmination of months development to improve on our multiple award winning and bestselling AR30.We have meticulously looked at every aspect of the wheel to improve and enhance your ride where possible whilst still maintaining incredibly competitive pricing. The AR30 Evo features a tubeless ready rim profile with an outer measurement of 22mm and inner of 17.4, this allows better fitment of a wider tyre improving the aerodynamics, comfort and rolling resistance. The new lightweight Cero hub set laces Sapims D-Light spokes to our rim via the J bend fitment – increasing stiffness, strength whilst reducing weight. The freehub body fitted now includes extra sealed bearings to help keep the worst of the weather out.

    Cero AR30 Evo 1376g +/- 2%

  5. Cero AR24 Evo Alloy wheelset
    The test and award-winning Cero AR24’s are back and even better than before - meet the AR24 Evo’s. An upgraded lighter, tubeless ready, wider profiled rim is included. This accommodates a greater variety of tyre widths which was high on the priority list when designing the Evo range. Pair this with Sapim D-Light spokes fitted as standard and the weight drops from an already impressive 1550g to a class leading 1499g. All before you lose the weight of your old tubes!

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Easy to run
Clincher wheels are the most popular types of wheel, holding inner tubes and being extremely easy to add and remove from the rim.The big advantage of clinchers is the ease of use, the tyres can be removed easily to replace punctures and added again by the roadside in little to no time at all making them ideal for riders who don't have a support car behind them with spare wheels.
Wide Range of Products
The range of clincher tyres available ranges from top end Schwalbe and Continental products, although both of these top brands offer cheaper alternatives to their top products to suit all riding styles.
Our Cero AR30 wheels are extremely popular and have been awarded 10/10 by Cycling Weekly, and at a great price compared to competitors they are a brilliant chance to upgrade your ride at a great cost.